Rospico Gardens cover 3.5 hectares of gentle valleys. Visitors can roam over wide lawn paths between picturesque flower beds.


The composition of colours in the beds comes from the mixing of trees, shrubs, roses, conifers and bulbs. Some are permanent and others are annuals. The variety of plants offers a diversified flowering right through the season from Easter to Halloween. The shapes evolve with the seasons.

The Mediterranean Garden is in a sheltered valley providing a favourable micro climate and protecting the plants from the predominant west winds. You will meet palm trees there, Cordylines, Euphorbiums, Agapanthes, Fuchsias, Filaos...

The water garden with its streams and pool edges is covered with colorful damp-loving plants, astilbes, hostas, gunneras, Japanese primroses, and eupatoriums. Japanese maples and willows give volume to this area.

The English Garden is made up of banks of unusual trees like the cornus or dog wood, also shrub roses, azaleas, summer heathers, dwarf conifers, perennials, spring and summer bulbs.

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