The original idea of this private garden came out of the vision of a young couple, two doctors by profession. Anne Kaczmarek-Renault is the daughter of the garden designer, Jean Renault, who advised and encouraged them. He created the Garden of the Renaudies in Mayenne. Raymond Kaczmarek, whose origins are from Gabon and Poland, has kept his interest in travelling by selecting plants from all five continents.


Since 1993, Anne Renault and Raymond Kaczmarek wanted to create a botanical garden, full of flowers, on the Atlantic coast. They fell in love with the NÚvez coastline, situated between Pont-Aven and Concarneau. It has both the right climate and support for visitor development. From 1995 to 1998, they bought a total of 17 hectares, old agricultural land that had been abandoned for a number of years.


The landscaping began in August 1998. Helped by Jean Renault, the team planted hedges of shrubs and trees, camellias, rhododendrons and ceanothus around the edge of the garden. Next, the beds were planted; full of perennial plants, shrubs and trees, mixing common species and rare ones (there are more than 2000 species and 30,000 plants in all).

The creation of Rospico Gardens required the collaboration of nearly 60 businesses to create the water features, provide the plants etc. The closest came from the village of Nevez, the furthest is based in California.

Rospico Gardens have been open to the public since the 25th June 2000.

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